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Head Start


Head Start is now accepting applications
for the 2017 – 2018 school year:


2017 Poverty Income Guidelines for Head Start                       Head Start Enrollment Flyer


Ross County CAC Head Start operates a federally-funded comprehensive school readiness program for predominantly low-income children, ages 3-5, who meet eligibility guidelines and reside in Ross County. There are four Head Start sites: single classrooms in Bainbridge, Huntington and Frankfort, and six classrooms at the Ohio University – Chillicothe Child Development Center. Head Start also operates a home-base program. Transportation is provided for many of the classesRoss County CAC Head Start prepares children to be persistent, focused individuals. Creative Curriculum, a researched-based curriculum, prepares students for kindergarten socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Click the link to access our School Readiness Goals.


Head Start provides:


* Pre-kindergarten education
* Technology in the classroom
* Nutrition and Health Services
* Parent Involvement Activities
* Mental Health Services

Ten percent (10%) of the enrollment is reserved for children with disabilities.



Children are individuals and should be treated as individuals. Rules are designed to create a safe environment and framework within which each child is provided the stability and consistency necessary for proper development, while at the same time providing opportunities for the child to participate in activities that help him/her acquire skills in all areas of development.
Children learn by doing. Providing each child with hands-on experiences creates a desire to explore and learn through creativity, imagination and innovation. Learning will be provided in a systematic manner in a learning-to-learn environment.

Children benefit from a program that is family and community centered. Parents are the primary educator of their children. Assisting parents in achieving their full potential will greatly influence the child in reaching his/her full potential.


Mission Statement

Ross County CAC Head Start’s mission is to provide a comprehensive child development program for all eligible children and families in Ross County. Quality services will be provided to our children and families by building community partnerships and providing professional development for our staff.

School Readiness Goals for Ross County Head Start



Physical Development & Health

Physical Health Status Children will be physically fit to go to kindergarten.
Health Knowledge & Practice Children will use healthy &safe habits and will practice healthy habits.
Gross Motor Skills Children will accomplish control of large muscle for movement, navigation, and balance (as physically able) prior to going to kindergarten.
Fine Motor Skills Children will accomplish control of small muscles for such purposes as using utensils, self-care, building, and exploring (as physically able) prior to going to kindergarten.

Social & Emotional Development

Social Relationships Children will develop healthy relationships and use healthy interactions with adults and peers.
Self-Concetpt & Self-Efficacy Children will percieve that they are capable of successfully making decisions, accomplishing tasks, and meeting goals.
Self-Regulation Children will have the ability to recognize & regulate emotions, attention, impulses, and behavior.
Emotional & Behavioral Health Children will exhibit a healthly range of emotional expression and will understand positive alternatives to aggressive or isolating behaviors.

Approaches to Learning

Initiative & Curiosity Children will show an interest in varied topics and activities, desire to learn, creativeness, and independence in learning.
Persistence & Attentiveness Children will begin and finish activities with persistence and attention.
Cooperation Experiences Children will show interest in and engage in small and large group experiences.
Symbolic Representation Children will use symbols or objects to represent something else in classrooms that are rich with symbols.

Language & Literacy

Receptive Language Children will comprehend and understand language.
Expressive Language Children will engage in conversation with both peers and adults. Experience to seek solutions to a problem.
Book Appreciation & Knowledge Children will show an interest in books and their characteristics. Children will be able to understand and get meaning from stories and information from books and other texts.
Phonological Awareness Children will know that language can be broken into words, syllables, and smaller pieces of sound.
Alphabet Knowledge Children will know the names and sounds of letters.
Print Concepts & Conventions Children will identify letter-sound relationships.
Early Writing Children will write with a variety of writing tools and materials. Children will communicate through written representations, symbols, and letters.

Cognition & General Knowledge

Number Concepts & Quantities Children will understand that numbers represent quantities, and number words represent rank, order, size, and/or position in a list.
Number Relationships & Operations Children will use numbers to describe relationships and solve problems.
Geometry & Spatial Sense Children will know shapes, their properties, and how objects are related to one another.
Measurement & Comparison Children will understand the size, capacity, and area properties of objects.
Scientific Skills & Method Children will observe/collect information and use it to ask questions, predict. explain and draw conclusions.
Conceptual Knowledge of the Natural & Physical World Children will understand facts/concepts related to the natural and physical world. Children will ask questions “what will happen if” and test out possibilities.
Creative Arts Expression Children will use their voice and instruments to create sounds.
Music, Creative Movement, and Dance Children will use their bodies to move to music and express themselves.
Art Children will use a range of materials to create drawings, pictures, and other objects.
Drama Children will portray events, characters, and stories through and by using props and language.
Social Studies Knowledge & Skills Children will understand their relationship to family and community, their role in family and community, and respect diversity.
History & Events Children will understand events that have happened in the past and how these events relate to self, family and community.


Click here for the Head Start Annual Report for 2015-16:

Head Start Annual Report, 2015-16