Ross County Community Action Commission, Inc.

Success Stories



“They helped me with my electric and I needed some new fans because they would slow down and speed up, so I got two new fans this year. They were very gracious. Erica is just about the most gracious person I’ve ever met there, and I couldn’t ask for any better treatment.”  – June W.


“They helped with my dad’s electric for two months and propane every year. I was really happy about it, and it really helped out a lot.”  – Daughter of John A.


“I have been helped with food stamps, firewood, and home weatherization. You guys have been such a blessing, and you’re so nice, every one of you. Sometimes you get some people that don’t really care and treat you like white trash, but you guys are never rude, you treat everybody like family. At mine and my husband’s ages (66 and 64) and without dependent children, it’s hard to get things you need. I know people that are choosing between their medicine and their groceries.  We have friends with a time share in Florida, and this is the first time we have been able to afford a vacation in three years. I can never say thank you enough.”   – Bonnie L. 


“When my youngest child was in Head Start a position came open for a child family advocate.  I wanted to give back because I went to Head Start and all 4 of my kids went to Head Start. The thing that I love about Head Start the most is that they make you feel important and that you’re worthy and that you can make a difference.”

“I’ve been able to work in different departments within the agency. I’ve done enrollment for Head Start, HEAP, and Summer Food. I didn’t really need to work but I wanted to advance myself and have [sic], I’m very grateful.”   – Demara P.