Electric Partnership Program (EPP)

The Electric Partnership Program (EPP) helps eligible Ohioans reduce their electricity usage in their home. The EPP provider performs in-home audits and installs appropriate electric energy efficiency measures to reduce electric usage. Participants also receive information on how they can reduce their electric use and improve their home’s efficiency.

Who is Eligible for EPP?

Ohioans are eligible for EPP if they are on or eligible for the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP) or have a total household income that is at or below 175% of the federal poverty levels.

To be eligible for the program, Ohioans must also:

  • Have 12 months of electric usage at their current address;
  • Have an annual electric baseload usage of at least 5,000 kWh, and:
  • Live in the service territory of one of the following Ohio electric companies:
    • American Electric Power
    • Duke Energy
    • AES Ohio
    • FirstEnergy

The income levels are:

Size of Household Total Household Income 12 Months
1 up to $25,515
2 up to $34,510
3 up to $43,505
4 up to $52,500
5 up to $61,495
6 up to $70,490
7 up to $79,485
8 up to $88,480

For households with more than eight (8) members, add $8,995 for each additional member.

How do I Apply?

PHONE: Shelly Chaney, 740-702-7222 x104
EMAIL: schaney@rossccac.com


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